Imagine The Marketing Potential Of Having Your Own Virtual CMO Team…

Our virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) strategic guidance and supporting implementation services allow our clients to reach their marketing goals without the need to build a full marketing team of their own.

As fractional CMOs, we develop your overarching marketing strategy and the campaigns that fall under that umbrella. We take into account core considerations like internal resources and stakeholder alignment, quarterly or annual budgets, and growth goal priorities.

The process all begins with a consultation to understand objectives and to learn more about how your team works. From there, we assess your needs and strengths so that we can deliver what you need from our specialty areas and work within our network of leading industry partners to fully address your needs.

Our Virtual CMO Specialty Areas

Speaking of specialties, here’s what our Revelation Creative team does best.

Outcome-Driven Marketing Strategy

As a strategic marketing consulting firm, we get to know you, your business objectives, and the big dreams you have for your company. Then, we craft a strategy that aligns with those goals and includes considerations of your unique audience’s needs and buying habits.

From there, we get to work. We provide ongoing reporting, advising, and updating and recalibrating plans as we move forward. This strategic road mapping is the most effective way to plan for business growth. We’re here to help you make it happen.

Marketing Project Management

While we’re dedicated to developing strategic marketing plans, we’re also skilled at assembling teams of creatives to accomplish your marketing goals.

We have partners that work with us to bring your vision to life. To give you a visual – some of our clients have referred to this capability as the ‘Swiss Army Knife of creatives’.

This means we work with photographers, videographers, web developers, and other marketing-adjacent industry professionals to help your business make your desired impact.

Copywriting, Copyediting, and SEO Content Strategy

Need some help with your brand narrative building, messaging, and the search engine optimization of your online presence?

You’re in the right place.

From user experience strategy to search engine optimization (SEO) and conversions, we help clients just like you put your best face forward online.

Our copywriting and editing services coupled with content strategy and development specialities allow us to create everything from social media campaigns and email marketing sequences to blogs and social media community management gameplans.

So you’re always on-brand and on-message no matter where you’re connecting with customers.

Sales Enablement Tools and Consulting

Having the right sales strategies and tools at your disposal are essential. And understanding the methodology a sales team uses to work in unison with a marketing team is a great place to start.

As a seasoned marketing team, we understand tried-and-true, as well as cutting-edge marketing industry practices. So, developing buyer personas and customer journeys is second nature to us.

From content automation and drip marketing campaigns to sell sheets and pitch decks, our Revelation Creative team creates resources that will allow your sales team to engage customers more effectively and entice them from prospect to conversion. Whether you’re in the direct to consumer (DTC) world or business-to-business (B2B), we’ve got the needs of your sales team covered.

Event Design and Experiential Marketing

One of our favorite things about marketing is that it connects people. Nowhere is that more evident than in experiential marketing and event design. We love helping our clients design events that help them reach their favorite people in new and engaging ways. From trade shows to charity dinners and even speaking events, we’re here to help you make your presence known.

Digital and Print Marketing

From designing digital assets, to assembling your print materials, the Revelation Creative team has the talent to craft stunning visuals that leave your target audience wowed!

From concept ideation, through to delivering the final product – whether that lives online or physically in the hands of your prospects and customers – count on us to help you put your best foot forward.

In need of large volume print services or custom-tailored mail campaigns to reach your customers? You came to the right place. Competitive pricing, show-stopping designs, and a headache-free process are some of the many reasons why our clients turn to us when looking for a strategic partner who delivers on their aggressive goals.

Connect with Revelation Creative

If you’d like to learn more about the impact of putting our virtual CMO services to work for your business, you can contact us here.

Not Your Average Fractional CMO

When you work with our Revelation Creative team, we’ll tailor our collaboration to meet your needs.

Whether that means augmenting your marketing efforts or taking full ownership of a project from start to finish, we’re here to help in the way that best fills the gaps that are stopping you from ascending to your next peak.

And no matter what path you choose, we’ll work strategically to achieve your business objectives.

So, everything we do helps you get closer to the goals that matter most.

A Flexible Approach to Virtual CMO Services

We make hiring a marketing agency flexible. We’ve heard all too many horror stories of clients bound to agency self-serving terms.

Our contracts auto-renew monthly but in contrast to many players in our field, they are NOT annual by design. If you work with us on a subscription or recurring basis, you can cancel with 30 days’ notice, no explanation needed.

Simply put: We don’t handcuff clients.

We love working with people who see the value in working with us. We give our all to delivering for them in return. Our clients continue to return to us for this very reason, and the accolades we’ve acquired through the years are a true testament to just that.