ORIGIN STORY: The Birth of a Logo

Sep 14, 2017 | Design

A name… What’s in a name? Most assuredly, a lot. Before someone even meets you, hearing or seeing your name will evoke a thought about you – good, bad, or neutral. The human mind focuses on compartmentalization to simplify a complex world. For this reason, we assign evaluations to things quickly. These are our ‘knee-jerk’ or ‘gut’ reactions. Stemming from roots in survival, we now apply the same process to all stimuli we encounter in this modern era.

Now, let’s talk about visuals. The way something appears – how it hits the eye – can often leave more of an impression on someone than how it actually reads. Herein lies the critical importance of a brand’s visual representation – its ‘first impression’ on the customers it wants to acquire and retain.  Dull, lackluster, antiquated? These are terms heralding the death rattle of a company if spoken by its consumers regarding its ‘look’.

So, what captivates? What inspires interest of onlookers and converts them to customers? Thoughtful, engaging, clean, and intriguing imagery. The RC team methodically approaches the development of branding and logos for our clients. For all well-constructed logos, there should be an underlying narrative that unfolds once the viewer closely examines the intricacies of the design.

Of course, as we brought Revelation Creative™ into the world, we took a strong dose of our own medicine. Here is the process we applied to visualize our business. Have a read. We hope this prompts you to examine the narrative your visual describes to your audiences. …And if you don’t like that story, there’s no time like the present to change it!

The Revelation Creative™ team is a group of individuals with varied experiences across the worlds of design, Website development, content creation, and marketing. When we decided to band together, we thought about what defined us and differentiated us from other agencies. We listed the words and phrases that resonated with the work that we do. Adjectives like ‘limitless’, ‘boundless’, and ‘infinite’ continued to come up in the conversation when discussing our creative prowess. We conjured up mental images of space – the universe and its constellations. As the next frontier of exploration, this imagery also echoes our focus on remaining ahead of the curve.

Our dialogue turned to the services we provide our clients – the reasons why they avail themselves of our expertise. Everything we do is driven by our passion to design and author pieces that are unique, eye-catching, and thought-provoking. This means breaking free from the ‘norm’ or ‘standard’ to create something truly custom-tailored to meet our clients’ objectives. We described the use of our creativity as a means to peel away the veneer of conformity.

To tie in all elements, we concluded the conversation with the discussion of our name itself. Why was “REVELATION CREATIVE” chosen to represent us? The answer is simple. We reveal the universe of creative options to our clients.

After wrapping up our initial logo workshop, we took the next few days to identify imagery that resonated best with the vision we had for the company. Our color palette was decidedly ‘cool’. We all gravitated toward blues, purples, and metallics. We selected images like curtains pulled to either side of a stage, steel safes, spotlights, magnifying glasses, and astronomical and interstellar scenes.

With the team aligned on all of the critical elements to visually represent our journey, our head designers went to work.

Three different iterations of the logo were created. The one that struck a chord with each of us closely resembles the logo as it appears today on our Website, as well as on all of our marketing collateral and social outlets. We made tweaks to that variation, honing the look until it ‘felt’ right for all of us. Heeding the old adage ‘haste makes waste’, we took a few days to ‘live’ with the logo before deciding on all remaining revisions to get it completely finalized. Then, we took things a few steps further.

Since we often refer to ourselves as “RC” for brevity sake, we took our elongated logo and developed the abbreviated version you see on the footer on this page. The process for that mirrored the design and revision phases we initially employed. However, with all essential elements in play by this stage, the timetable for finalization was much shorter.

The logo we chose succinctly displays our essence. We strip away the restrictions that limit creativity, as represented by the metallic portions of the design. We unearth the universe of creative options that exist, as shown by the underlying galaxy visual.

Now that we’ve got you thinking about the story your brand’s logo depicts, don’t forget to share it with your clients. To close with one final tip: People have a MUCH better chance of remembering stories, rather than a ‘data dump’ of facts and numbers. Don’t shy away from using your company narrative as a way to leave a lasting impression with your customers and to make your presence known.