Team Builders for Your Business: 10 Key Benefits That Propel Your Organization to New Heights

In what can often feel like a day-to-day routine for most of your staff members, team-building exercises offer a way to break from monotony and build essential professional camaraderie. But these experiences aren’t just fun activities. They’re powerful tools that have far-reaching benefits for your organization. Team development exercises help identify future leaders. They bring together virtual teams spread across different locations. These exercises also boost communication, enhance morale, build trust, and improve problem-solving skills. 

But perhaps most importantly, they shape company culture, fostering collaboration and innovation. Today, our Revelation Creative Team is sharing 10 ways team-building activities make organizations like yours stronger and more successful. When you develop team building sessions with an eye toward your short and long-term organizational goals, the sky is the limit for what you can achieve with your most valuable asset – your staff.

1 | Amplify Motivation and Productivity

The right team-building exercises give your team a sense of accomplishment that will have lasting impacts on key areas of their work. From enhancing their ability to get things done and improving their motivation to work collaboratively and individually when brought together for these engaging experiences, you offer your team a chance to connect in new ways.

2 | Develop Trust and Communication 

Speaking of connecting, another key benefit of team building is how it helps your team members learn to communicate better and trust one another in real-life situations. 

Rather than simply delivering a slide presentation at an in-service or town hall meeting that talks about “the keys to better communication”, your staff will learn to communicate more effectively in real-time by putting it into practice during a team building session.

3 |  Boost Individual and Team Creativity

While you certainly want your team members to communicate effectively, one of the most often overlooked skills of high performers is creativity. 

Fostering employee creativity allows for effective problem-solving, conflict resolution, de-escalation, and innovation in those who step into leadership roles. 

Employees will enjoy the chance to step away from their computers or desks and into more unique circumstances. 

They may relish the opportunity to use their skills and abilities in different ways. You open the door for them to enjoy working collaboratively on creativity-focused tasks as these chances don’t come up as often in most workplaces.

A bonus? Creating team-building opportunities with creative components will allow you to enhance and even evaluate your team members’ collective or individual creativity. This way, you can see who may be a good fit for certain new roles or open positions, including those who may be ready for advancement or leadership responsibilities.

4 | Identify Potential Team Leaders 

Day to day, you may find yourself struggling to see notable standouts beyond those that are more obvious: those that go above and beyond on paper.

But when you present your staff with team-building exercises you give yourself a chance to see some unique skills, abilities, and personality traits they each possess in a new light.

For example, you may notice who takes the lead on a communication-focused exercise, who de-escalates a confrontation during a trust-building experience, or who comes up with an out-of-the-box solution to a complex creative strategy challenge.

In each of these instances, the task was not your day-to-day hands-to-the-keys typical work day. But the skills you can peer into during these exercises are essential to great management. And now you know that members of your team have the solid foundation you need to foster those skills in a meaningful way.

This can save you time when selecting individuals for management positions or management trainee programs. It can help you have thoughtful conversations with other leaders and executives within your company as well.

5 | Support Morale and a Positive Work Environment

Another excellent reason to make the most of your team-building exercises is that they naturally enhance morale and foster a positive work environment.

For those who have a team-building experience calendar or annual events to look forward to, these traditions become part of the company fabric. They create a sense of community within organizations. 

They can also give staff members upcoming breaks in the daily routine to look forward to without incurring business interruptions. You’ll be gathering insight regarding your team’s abilities, needs, and strengths. When you give your employees the opportunity to shine, you can point that light in the direction that benefits them AND the organization as a whole.

6 | Foster Collaboration Between Team Members

Team development exercises create opportunities (a game, competition, or strategy-infused team experience for example) that require staff to rely on one another. Here, you can see how they communicate and relay information to one another in service of a goal. 

Applying these approaches to true-to-life circumstances not only offers a chance for a bit more fun. It provides you a chance to see them apply these skills rather than hoping they’ll be able to do so when an imminent need arises.

7 | Connect Your Remote Teams

Wondering if your global, hybrid, or remote team can still benefit from a team-building experience? 

They absolutely can.

When developed correctly, team-building exercises can help you to connect with your remote teams and staff members. This brings them into the fold. It makes them feel all the more part of the organization.

While this does take a bit of strategy and planning, so will any worthwhile endeavor. When you can bring your remote, hybrid, or geographically distributed teams together and everyone feels like they are on the same page, there’s tremendous power in that alignment. Staff will get to know each other in new ways, explore their ability to work together in new capacities, and strengthen their bonds. Those results speak for themselves.

8 | Assess Strengths and Areas of Need

Another benefit of these experiences is that, while it may at first appear that you are “losing a day” for a “non-revenue generating activity”, you may not feel that way by the end of the exercise.

Leadership teams can utilize your team-building experiences as a chance to explore your staff’s skill sets and gain deeper understanding of their strengths and potential areas for improvement. From there, you have a better handle on how to assign tasks and now know who will benefit from specific career development experiences.

Select specific areas to evaluate during each quarter’s team-building exercise. Or simply decide to observe a rubric of key areas that you rely on each time. Whatever your approach, you can both enjoy the day with your team and make the most of it from a data-gathering standpoint.

9 | Enhance Relationships Between Departments 

Every organization faces challenges, and sometimes those challenges exist between coworkers or between departments. One benefit of team building is that you can utilize these exercises to develop better relationships between departments. 

Whether that means fostering better communication or initiating better relay of deliverables, the goodwill can begin with a simple and fun team experience.

Fun and immersive team-building activities can help to prevent or address these issues in a low-stakes environment and allow for that communication to carry over into the office the next day.

10 | Improve Individual and Team Decision Making and Confidence for a Bright Company Future

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of team building is to see how your employees and support staff make decisions.

Effective team-building experiences challenge your staff to quickly, effectively, competitively, and collaboratively solve problems and make decisions. This builds their confidence, of course. 

But it should also build yours.

As you cultivate a stronger team, you build a stronger future for your organization.

Want Some Strategic Support in Developing Your Team-Building Experiences? Our Team Knows How to Help Your Organization Thrive

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