What You Need to Know about Working with a Fractional CMO

Are you looking for ways to grow your business or reach more potential customers?

If you’re nodding your head, it just might be time to consider hiring a fractional CMO, or Chief Marketing Officer.

That’s why this month we’re exploring what you need to know about this important role, including what this service entails and why you might decide to bring this person (or team) on board. Plus, we’re sharing how our Revelation Creative team has pivoted our offerings to become the go-to fractional CMO for our clients. So you can get a sense of how you and your organization might collaborate with a fractional CMO if you decide to seek their support as you take your business to the next level, let’s explore what that definition actually means. 

What Is a Fractional CMO? 

While you’ll find a wide variety of job descriptions across the internet, simply put, a fractional chief marketing officer (CMO) is a part-time contracted marketing executive position for which you hire someone outside of your organization.

Some of the duties you might hire them to focus on include creating your marketing strategy, developing a marketing funnel, generating leads, creating a brand strategy, developing social media or email marketing campaigns, driving sales, project and process management, paid and organic traffic development, and developing metric tracking and reporting so you can measure your outcomes.

Just like a chief marketing officer, the fractional CMO is charged with developing and taking action on your advertising and marketing projects. They’re still planning and executing, managing and measuring, just on a part-time basis.

Why Companies Hire Fractional CMOs 

Companies hire fractional CMOs for a variety of reasons, but you may decide to bring one on board to address a gap in how your team reaches your marketing goals.

Here are a few examples of what might prompt you to connect with a fractional CMO:

You and Your Team Are Handling Your Own Marketing 

If you’re doing your own marketing, or your team is handling your marketing in-house, you might consider contacting and hiring a fractional CMO. While the DIY approach is often necessary when we begin our business journeys, it can cost us financially and waste valuable time trying to figure out how things are done versus leveraging the experience of a team of seasoned professionals. If your business has met with a good deal of success and you still find yourself or your team bogged down tending to your social media, emails, or other marketing needs, you may be missing out on time that could be better spent elsewhere. 

Your Marketing Strategy Is All over the Place

If you find your company’s marketing strategy lacks focus when it comes to your messaging, or you’re trying to be on every marketing channel out there, but there’s little to no ROI, it may very well be time to connect with a fractional CMO so you can create a cohesive marketing strategy that’s focused on key performance indicators and the outcomes that will get you a real return on your investments of time and money.

Your Marketing Project Management Needs Work

Depending on your products or services, your marketing may rely on information relayed from various departments. Consolidating those details, crafting supporting calls-to-action, and distributing those messages about upcoming sales and specials, events, and other important information is an art in itself. In addition, keeping projects flowing from one step to the next is vital for things to be completed on time and within budget. Bringing in a fractional CMO can start you off on the right foot and help you and your team stay on track throughout each project. That way, everyone remains on the same page. 

You Have a Next-Level Goal or Are Ready to Grow, Pivot, or Reach a New Audience

One of the most common reasons that a company brings on a fractional CMO is that they’re preparing for change. 

So if you’re aiming to grow, shifting your product or service suite, or are ready to reach an expanded or new audience, it may be the perfect time to seek the support of a fractional CMO. This marketing leader can assist you with creating and executing a targeted marketing strategy from start to finish. That way, you skip the guesswork and get the support you and your team need every step of the way.

The Benefits You Enjoy Are as Unique as Your Needs

As you can see, the benefits of hiring a fractional CMO include access to a partner that has the resources, insight, and capacity to help you reach your goals through more impactful, effective marketing. And you can do all of that without sacrificing your team’s time to do everything in-house or your budget to hire a full-time CMO

How Revelation Creative Has Evolved to Become a Supportive, Empowering Fractional CMO Organization for Our Clients

When it comes to fractional CMO services, Revelation Creative has evolved our business model to provide this kind of support to better serve the needs of the businesses we represent.  

We began our work as a full-service agency, providing support to customers on any level that they required. This often meant single projects that took on a variety of forms from website copy to print and visual design.

But over the years, our clients have found that our strategy, collaboration, and consulting have given them the greatest benefit. And those services are, of course, a big part of the fractional CMO role.

This shift has allowed us to become even more successful in serving our clients’ business objectives. We help clients with projects like marketing strategy creation, budget development, exploring branding opportunities, aligning with stakeholders, and so much more. And in acting as consultants, advisors, and strategic partners, we allow our clients’ businesses to shine. 

And that’s how we help our clients make their presence known.

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