8 Key Questions to Consider When Creating Marketing Videos

With over 85 percent of marketers saying that video marketing helped them increase sales (so says SproutSocial), we’re continuing our spotlight on this valuable advertising asset.

As you’ll recall, in last month’s blog we gave you some examples of marketing videos you may want to consider as you develop your video marketing strategy. (You can find that blog here.)

And this month we’re sharing the key questions you’ll want to consider as you begin to create those videos.

We hope this list will help you plan and manage your video marketing process. And of course, you’re always welcome to reach out to our Revelation Creative team for help!

Marketing Video Recording Preparation

  1. Did You Assemble the Right Crew? 

Do you know who you need on your marketing video crew?

From sound engineers and grips to videographers, editors, and animators, it’s important to consider the dream team you’ll need in your corner when you prepare and record your marketing videos.

And, if you’re not sure where to start, be sure to partner with an experienced agency, like Revelation Creative, so you can spend less time fretting and more time filming outstanding content. 

  1. What’s Your Plan for Scripting and Storyboarding?

Getting as much done as you can ahead of your day or days of video shoots is the best first step in any process. And preparing now will feel far better than trying to fix errors or fill in gaps in post-production. 

So, from understanding your SEO video strategy to deciding what key points to hit in your video piece, and even discerning your ‘call to action’ so it aligns with your larger marketing strategy, marketing video storyboarding is the way to go.

(And don’t forget those scripts for anyone who may need to act or narrate throughout your videos!)

  1. Do You Have All of Your Necessary Permissions and Waivers?

Waivers and permission paperwork are another vital consideration for videography. You will want anyone who will be on camera to complete paperwork permitting you to use their likenesses. When shooting on location you may need permission to film in a particular space as well. And when in doubt, contact your attorney to explore what you may need for this process. Tackling these items ahead of time will ensure everything runs smoothly for your shoot days. 

  1. What Visuals Are on Your Shot List? 

From deciding who is in each shot to understanding what’s happening in each frame you record, planning ahead will save you and your team time and money.

Developing a thoughtful, detail-oriented shot list will allow you to consider not only the content of each frame but also the angles and other visual components you’ll need from the video’s beginning to its end. What B-roll will you feature when narration plays in the background? What does it look like when your team is working together? What is the visual experience for someone walking into your storefront? All questions you’ll want answered ahead of saying ‘action’ to make sure your camera crew gets you everything you need for post-production.

  1. How Will You Bring Together Lighting, Sound, and Staging for Your Marketing Videos?

Just as you have a vision for the storyboard and scripting process, you’ll want to have a vision for the look and feel of your recordings themselves. These marketing videos will give clients and customers a sense of your brand, and the tone you strike here should be emblematic of your overall marketing strategy from logos to your website to your social media channels.

While nothing needs to be duplicated or cookie-cutter, it should all flow together well and make sense as a unified marketing strategy. Put simply, all of your videos should have the same cohesive appearance as all of your other branded marketing materials.

So give special attention to the sounds, staging, and lighting style you use in your video marketing assets.

  1. Will You Be Hiring Actors or Coaching Your Own Team Members?

While your budget may dictate whether you employ paid actors or not, this is an important consideration to address early on.

That’s because if you decide not to hire actors, whatever your rationale, you will need people you can rely on to deliver any spoken or acted portions of your marketing videos.

And if you’re asking team members to be a part of the process, they’ll definitely benefit from your guidance and a setting of expectations.

Plus, you’ll want to be sure they’re familiar with any directives or scripts you need them to know on the day or days you’re recording your marketing videos.

Other Video Marketing Considerations

  1. Do You Have B-Roll, Animation, and/or Stock Footage?

One of the most often-overlooked aspects of creating marketing videos is the need for additional footage. While you can purchase stock footage from sites like Getty and Shutterstock, free videos and image sites like Pexels or Pixabay may also foot the bill. 

You may also choose to include animations or imagery to convey larger concepts in succinct and easy-to-understand terms. 

And finally, recording some unique-to-you B-roll of your team working or meeting with clients may also help to bring things together seamlessly. Whenever possible, leveraging footage that is uniquely yours helps drive the narrative of what makes your company different from the competition.

Whatever you choose, it’s important not to overlook the finer details when it comes to additional footage.

  1. How Will You Handle Post-Shoot Editing?

Once you’ve completed the major steps in your video recording process, it’s time to edit. And this too requires you to plan ahead and answer two key questions when you do.

That question is: What things need to be available to add to the final video? 

What’s essential and what can we cut to bring the big picture into focus?

Those questions will make the editing process a great deal easier because you’ll feel prepared and you’ll understand how to finalize the vision that you began with at the outset of this process.

And working with the right team will help you answer both questions with confidence, clarity, and an eye toward your marketing goals.

Where Will You Start When It Comes to Video Marketing?

Whew! That’s a lot, but don’t worry. Answering these questions the first time around can seem daunting, but replicating for future filming becomes a breeze once the initial legwork is done.

But that said, there’s no doubt that getting help in all its forms, including strategy and planning, development, and distribution, is essential for success and ease in the video marketing process.
And if you’re looking for an experienced video marketing team to help you get it all done while reaching your goals, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact us here to get started.