5 Questions You MUST Answer before Crafting Your Brand Messages

Nov 14, 2017 | Branding, Business Tips

Some people recommend ‘throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks’ when it comes to marketing their brand. Fortunately for our clients, none of those people would ever be a part of our team. At Revelation Creative™, we believe in a much more methodical approach to crafting brand messaging. Just like building a house, you have to start with your blueprint before you begin construction. So, what are the first steps to develop the messages you create to engage your audience?

It’s time to look in the mirror! We’ve compiled our top 5 questions YOU MUST answer before you craft the messages you put in front of your audience. Try following our method and you’ll find that you bring in more of the customers you want to have on your roster!

Question 1:

Who is the ideal client for my business?

When answering this question, think about who your absolute BEST clients have been… not just those who typically avail themselves of your products or services. This client is going to become the example you use to further the research you do to define demographic attributes, personality traits, buying preferences and daily habits. This person will become your ‘Avatar’. Once you’ve put meat on this skeleton, your marketing campaign’s purpose will be to attract more customers just like your ideal. What could be better than generating new business from the people you enjoy working with the most?


Question 2:

What ‘pain point’ does my company address for that ideal client?

Find someone who likes being ‘hard-sold’… Having a difficult time? That’s because most people bristle up when getting strong-armed into a purchase. That technique might result in a one-off deal, but it’s a horrible business practice for long-term relationship retention. By answering the above question, you’re providing an invaluable service to your client. When alleviating a troublesome issue for your customer, you’re giving them back time that they’d otherwise spend addressing said problem… and ‘time’ is what we never seem to have enough of these days. You may also being doing more than just giving customers minutes back in their day. Perhaps you are saving them money or preventing headaches they’d receive from others who would run them in circles. Whatever your answer may be, make sure you’re able to clearly define how you make the lives of your clients better.

Question 3:

What value does my company bring to those who choose to work with us? 

Taking Question 2 a step further, we want to address not just the concrete positives someone experiences when working with you and your business. Saving money and time, all while receiving a stellar product are fantastic qualities, but think too about what else you bring to the table. Expertise, reliability, trust-worthiness, peace of mind? These attributes should not be neglected when talking about your brand. When you come to your conclusion, make that answer a central piece of your corporate value proposition.


Question 4:

What separates my business from the competition? 

This query basically boils down to this: Unless you are in an extremely niche market space, other businesses do what you do. Given the host of options out there, why would a potential customer buy from you and not someone else? To answer this question, you need to do your homework. If you haven’t done so already, get to Googling your competitors. See what they highlight as their assets. How do their offerings differ from your own in terms of costs, products and services delivered, marketing aesthetic, brand voice, etc.? Notice any gaps between what they provided and what you’re able to give your customers? By doing a competitive analysis, you’ll understand the choices your customers face more acutely. You’ll have an easier time putting yourself in their shoes so you can firmly answer the question: “Why pick me?”

Question 5:

After working with us, how do I want clients to feel about that experience? 

You don’t want to be disposable, nor do you want to be considered easily replaced. In order to prevent customer attrition, you need to be cognizant of how clients feel about the experience they had working with your business. This can be a key differentiator for you that you should highlight proudly when crafting your brand messages. From a customer service perspective, your answer here will dictate the standard of excellence for your company. This should be a measurement you strive to attain with each transaction.




Now that you got this helpful reflective questionnaire, it’s time to start thinking about answers! Let us know what you find by commenting in the section below.


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