Don’t Skip Vacation Time! Here’s Why…

Dec 22, 2017 | Leadership, Lifestyle

‘Tis the season to wrap up projects! We’re ready to celebrate the holidays and close the year on a high note. At Revelation Creative™, we’re very proud of the work we’ve completed in 2017. The team will be enjoying some well-earned time ‘off-the-grid’ as we close our offices for the last week of the year.

Why do we take this extended period of time off? We fully believe that to best serve our clients, we need to go in to 2018 refreshed and energized. We love doing the work that we do. But at times, because of that passion for helping our clients, we find ourselves burning the candle at both ends. ‘Balance’ is one of our core values at RC. Taking this time off helps us to achieve that. The better rested and renewed we are, the more creative and innovative we become.  Now, that’s a win for our clients and us!

There will always be work to do, but it is so critical to enjoy life. Taking a little break will do just that. However, balance is often difficult to achieve in today’s fast-paced, tech-dominated world.  This is a struggle that many small business owners face – Making time to relax. If you feel like it is impossible to step away from your desk, read our list for the top 5 reasons why vacation time is so important for all organizations.


1.) Time off lowers stress levels. People tend to function more efficiently, think more creatively, and enjoy their jobs more fully after taking a breather from work.





2.) There’s health benefits to vacation time!
With lowered stress comes the countless physical benefits associated with things like lower blood pressure. This recharge isn’t just for the mind, it is for the body and soul as well!



3.) Time off can expose us to new and different people, places and experiences – all of which broaden our horizons.
These opportunities can inform and shape our perspective. You may come back from a trip or time spent with friends and family with a new outlook on life that changes how you approach business for the better.




4.) Ah-ha moments await! Ever been stuck on a problem and not been able to find a solution?
Vacation time can give your overworked brain a moment to pause and figure out answers to questions that have been eating at you for days, weeks, or even months. Sometimes, we need to distance ourselves from the day-to-day of our professional lives to gain that insight we’ve been wracking our brains to find.



5.) Fuel the fire that drives your team.
Vacation gives people the chance to explore their passions outside of work. Again, this helps bring balance to the life of the individual and creativity into the work place. Having the chance to relax and enjoy other parts of life makes us appreciate the work we do that affords us this luxury.



How do you plan to recharge yourself and your team this holiday season? Let us know by commenting below.