As a socially conscious company, we’re compelled to continue to find ways in which we can improve the communities we serve. It’s a responsibility we all have to shoulder in order to keep society progressing, but also to continue to foster our own personal growth. Social responsibility is an obligation that all of us share, especially those who have ascended the ladder of success and have the means to make the farthest-reaching impact. Businesses and brands are no different.


Here at Revelation Creative, it is part of our mission to be socially responsible. For example, as a woman-led business, we are committed to equality in all aspects, but especially in the workplace. We feel strongly about providing opportunities and outlets for women to succeed in business through education, networking, and charitable outreach. We do so in conjunction with likeminded leaders – women AND men – who have made it to the top floor of success and who are willing to send the elevator back down. This core philosophy filters into all aspects of our client interactions.


Finding outlets that speak to your corporate mantra is one excellent way to begin finding the right fit for you to extend your reach outside the walls of your company. What are some other was you and your organization can become more socially responsible?

  1. Incorporate Diversity Initiatives


While we’ve seen a recent surge promoting women’s equality initiatives in the workplace, diversity doesn’t stop there. Diversity goes far beyond gender. To join and expand the diversity conversation, you need to embrace every culture, age, disability, and sexual orientation. To hire a more diverse group of people isn’t enough. You need to weave diversity into your company’s culture to create experiences and products that will reach a wider range of identities and perspectives.


  1. Focus on Corporate Activism


The best examples we’ve seen of brand activism have been rooted in politics. Many companies are feeling more and more compelled to voice their opinions with regard to recent announcements made by government officials. By putting their opinions out there, these companies are strengthening their connection to their core demographics.


While consumers might not always see eye-to-eye with corporate beliefs and opinions, the transparency being promoting can garner respect. No matter on what side of the political spectrum you fall, we see this as a clear indicator of things to come. Companies and brands are taking more focused action by identifying the areas where they can make the most impact. Once those areas are known, it’s easier to devote resources toward proactive initiatives.

  1. Collaborate With Like-Minded Organizations


Once you’ve got your social mission defined, it’s time to start acting! Have your goals in place and work toward achieving them. An easy way to get to the finish line is to partner with other like-minded business. Let them help you meet your objectives while getting your message out there. There truly is strength in numbers. When businesses – big and small – join forces,  the impact becomes exponentially amplified. Start locally with businesses and charities that would have the most influence on your objectives. Doing this will improve the local community itself, and the economy of your neighborhood as a whole. The more momentum you gain with your brand activism, the bigger you can start thinking. (Act locally. Think globally!)


One major point to remember: The more you give, the more you can gain. It would be remiss to omit the benefits social responsibility can have on your bottom line. While we’re not suggesting you get active in your community solely for monetary gain, it is an added bonus when your efforts are recognized by your customers who look to purchase from you on account of that civic-minded outreach. By becoming more socially responsible, you’re helping to elevate your brand loyalty. Loyal clients and customers can be invaluable to your professional success, so never underestimate the power of positive press.


If you’d like to get involved with some of the amazing businesses and organizations Revelation Creative partners with, contact us today!