4 Ways To Show Your Favorite Businesses Some Love This Holiday Season

Nov 24, 2020 | Customer Service, Lifestyle

Last month we talked about how businesses can share their love with clients and customers during the most wonderful time of the year. This month, we’re unwrapping 4 great ways customers can spread some holiday cheer to the businesses and brands they love too!

While many businesses are in their busiest season, if you’re a loyal customer of a fantastic brand or company this is the perfect time to let them know you care.

Here’s how…

Shop With Them First

Make your list. Check it twice. And give some thought to how you can share your favorite brand with those you love. Does everyone need to try those candles you’re obsessed with? Is your go-to sweater always the talk of family get-togethers? Once you know how you want to share that amazing company with your loved ones, be sure to shop with them first.

It can be so easy to head to a big box store or Amazon and buy something with two-day express shipping included. But, shopping with your favorite business first allows you to support smaller or more personal companies this time of year. Without question, small businesses have felt the impact of the pandemic. Now, more than ever, your patronage truly will make all the difference for their survival.

Shopping with your most-loved brands early means you’ll be supporting them in time to get your items delivered or custom made. It tells a business that you couldn’t imagine a holiday season without sharing their products or services. But expressing your gratitude and loyalty isn’t exclusive to only the brands with goods and products to offer. If you have a favorite service-based business, buying things like gift cards allows them to know what to expect in the coming months. Shopping with your favorite businesses first also means that you’ll have time to do the other things on this list…

Share Their Social Content  

Even if your favorite brand isn’t in your budget this holiday season, or you’ve already shopped with them, you can still show them your support in ways that can help them thrive this year.

Sharing a business’ social content means that your audience (your family, friends, and followers) will be introduced to them for the first (or 500th) time.

Sharing social content also helps create buzz for things like holiday sales or must-have items and can help a business move inventory without you ever making a purchase.

This simple click can really make a big difference for small businesses too since many of them have had to adjust to a more virtual landscape given the challenges Covid-19 has presented all of us.

Join Their Email List

After you share your favorite business’ content, head over to their site, and sign up for their email list. 

This allows them to reach out to you about upcoming events, sales, and news. It also gives you the chance to share those emails with those you love as the holiday season really gets underway.

While you can always encourage your friends to sign up for the emails as well, you might have an easier time if you just send them an email that reminds you of them or that you feel they’d really enjoy.

Signing up for a company’s email newsletter or mailing list shows you care about the business and want to stay connected to them as they grow.

Leave A Review

Had an amazing massage? Do those jeans fit perfectly (even after a tumble in the washing machine)?

Sharing reviews on Google, a website, Yelp, or even on a social media channel can help a business grow.

It’s a great way to show your support and the business can use your feedback to promote their products and services during the holidays and beyond.

When you add your feedback to sites like Google Reviews and Yelp, it also helps others to find the business over time and can help that company attract new customers who are going to be just as head-over-heels for them as you are!

Be sure to share examples of what you love about the brand, their product, or the service they offer and why you’ll be coming back for more.

Want More Merry?

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And if you’re looking for a team to keep those connections going all year long, you can contact us here and we’ll connect!