How Do You Say ‘Thanks’? 6 Ways to Show Customer Appreciation during the 2018 Holiday Season

Now that the leaves are turning colors and the temperatures are dropping, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. As business owners, there are so many things that need to get done before the end of the year.  Sometimes wrapping up projects for year-end makes it hard to get into the holiday spirit. Regardless of all the bustle, you better believe your customers have their eyes set on the New Year. To get them engaged, you’ve got to think on their same wavelength. That means finding new and inventive ways to say ‘Thank you’ for their current and future business. Remember – your competitors are doing the same, so don’t let this essential part of relationship building come to a halt.


Before the holiday season gets into full swing, we wanted to take the time to reveal to you a few ways you can show your appreciation. Try one or a combination of the items below to keep your business top-of-mind with your customers so you can hit the ground running in January 2019!


  1. Host an Event

Are you celebrating a milestone? If you are, the holiday season is the perfect time to commemorate the occasion. From completing a big project to acknowledging an anniversary, hosting a special event for your employees and clients is a great way to honor a job well done.


Hosting an event is also a great way to give back to the community. Bring people together to raise money for those in need this holiday season or collect items for your local shelters. There are so many great causes that bring people together! Find one that aligns with your company narrative to further your mission.


  1. Give away Some Swag

People love free stuff no matter what time of year it is! Company swag is the perfect gift to give your clients and customers to say ‘thank you’ for their business. But, not all swag is created equal. Pens and magnets are a great thing to have on hand as marketing collateral. However if you’re looking to gift your clients with swag, think about bringing in items that will solve a pain point. Some great swag ideas include items like PopSockets or portable chargers. Wearables are also a win from shirts to sunglasses. Above all – make sure you brand your swag in a visually engaging, clear, and consistent way that leaves a memorable impression on your target recipient.


Getting swag will make your clients feel like part of the team and a player in your success story!


  1. Send Them a Card

In a world where people post birthday wishes on social media or send e-vites to events, it’s nice to receive something in the mail. Sending your clients and customers cards during the holiday season is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation. Snail mail is something that takes more time and effort on your part. Showing your clients that you took time out of your busy schedule to write them a personalized note will show them how much you care about their business. Your card will be something they can display on their desk – at home or in the office – and remind them of your consideration and appreciation for their business.


  1. Feature Them on Social Media

One thing that is sure to put a smile on your clients’ faces is to feature them on your social media accounts. Posting client appreciation posts for your network to see is a great way to highlight the people helping your business grow. In addition to showing your customers how much you care about them, it can also increase your organic reach on social media because people are more likely to share. Planning these posts will also help you to fill your social media content calendar for the holiday months, which can take some weight off your shoulders.  Most often, it’s best to ask your client’s permission before you create the post. In any case, it’ll be a great conversation starter and may prompt them to think about ways they could reciprocate the gesture.

  1. Create a Video

You’ve probably heard by now that videos are the future. Videos perform better on social media. Webpages featuring video earn higher values of user time spent on site. Emails with video in the subject line have greater open rates. So, what better format to send out your holiday message than video?


Your video can include many different things. It can highlight projects and clients from the last year. It can spotlight your stellar employees for all to see. You can talk about your plans for the future. End it with sincere gratitude and holiday wishes. What you’ve created is basically a nice, neat present wrapped and topped with a bow.


  1. Offer a discount

You’ve got to give a little to get a little. Offer your current clients and customers a special promotion to show how grateful you are to have them on your roster. From discount codes to early access to future products, free consultations to exclusive packages, no matter what you sell or which services you provide, there’s something you can offer. Nothing says, “thank you” quite like saving your valued customers some of their hard-earned money.


As we head towards the New Year, we’re opening the doors for new opportunities. By showing your current clients and customers how much you appreciate them, you’re encouraging them to help you succeed. Taking the time out of your busy schedule to do one or some of the things on this list can turn your clients into brand ambassadors, paving the way for new referrals in the New Year.


Taking time out of your schedule during this busy time of year may seem like a lot, but your clients and customers will appreciate you for doing it. By showing these people that you value them, it will solidify in their minds that they’ve made the right choice working with you.

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