The Perfect Pitch: 5 Musts Entrepreneurs Need to Show Potential Investors

Here at Revelation Creative™, we’ve worked with countless entrepreneurs to create branding and pitch decks to present to potential investors. Over the years, we’ve learned exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to impressing investors and providing them with the information they need to make an educated decision. Getting funding from investors can be time-consuming and challenging, which is why it’s important to nail the pitch deck from the very start.

Here’s what every entrepreneur should be including to create a compelling pitch, with legitimacy and clarity:

1. Strong Visuals

Don’t make investors read through 30 pages to support why your business is worth it. Instead, show them with easy-to-take-in visuals. With the right graphics, charts and images you can spell out the most important metrics to support your claims and simplify complex topics and financial statements. Most importantly, these visuals will create a story designed to pull investors in while reinforcing your brand image.

2. Call- to- Action

What are you asking from the investor? Make it clear from the start. An article by Forbes states what every entrepreneur needs to keep in mind: “In essence, the three keys to powerful pitch decks that get funded are clear and simple, compelling and easy to act on.”

It’s much easier to get an answer if you provide what you’re looking for. If you make the investor guess or try to come up with their own decision on what next steps are you may not get the final verdict you were looking for. To get the investor to follow up, you can also add in concrete next steps, such as requesting a product sample or scheduling a one-on-one call.

3. The Passion

Successful businesses are all backed by someone who believed in the idea enough to start a business around it. Highlight this passion to investors and help energize them with the same excitement about the concept. If you can’t get that across, it may be difficult for the investors to feel the same enthusiasm about its future success.

4. The Problem and The Solution

The most successful products and services are those that solve an existing problem in the marketplace. Provide real-life examples of what you’re pitching at work. Spell it out for investors, showing where the gap is and how you plan to fill it. Again, keep it simple and show why your particular solution is scalable.

Investors want to see a return, so it’s important to show how you’ll be able to produce the same result with 5,000 or 5,000,000 customers as you can with 50.

5. Create an Interest

Typically investors who commit fall into one of the following three categories:

  • They’ve experienced the problem you’re looking to solve
  • They can easily see what their ROI will be
  • Their professional expertise makes it easy for them to understand (doctors, healthcare, IT, etc.)

Right from the very first slide or page, you want investors to sit up and take notice. One way to do this is to capture their attention from the start with your company’s most impressive achievement. Once you have their interest, make sure to highlight that particular accomplishment again at the end of the pitch to help them remember you.

Sealing the Deal

Putting together a pitch deck that impresses investors will shorten the amount of time you spend raising funds. The ultimate goal is to craft an easy to follow story that showcases the problem you’re solving, why it will be a success, and what you’re asking from investors to make it happen. With the number of pitch decks investors go through, it’s important to have clarity on what you’re trying to present and then doing it in a way that’s persuasive and visually appealing.

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