How To Create Sun-sational Subject Lines This Summer

Just because the weather is warmer and everyone is trying to find ways to have fun in the sun, it doesn’t mean your email marketing strategy can take a summer vacation. Getting your prospects and customers to not only pay attention to your emails, but also pay for your goods and services is no easy task. The summer season adds another level to the typical challenges many businesses face. But we’re here to tell you about some tips and tricks that will lead to more opens and clicks when it comes to your summer emails.

4 Tips To Write A Compelling Summer Subject Line

Summer is the season to boost your sales, and you can do so by customizing subject lines to brighten up the content of your email. Every email starts with a subject line. We’d argue that the subject line is just as important as the email itself because it’s the first thing people see. It’s essential that you use high-converting, attractive summer email subject lines to help your email stand out in your prospects’ and customers’ inboxes. Using a strong email subject line can be the difference between a 14% open rate and low sales, and an astonishing 51.6% open rate with lots of business closed.

1. Make It Personal

Taking a tailored approach, with both your subject lines and emails, will increase the odds that your message will be opened and read. A personalized subject line is more likely to be opened than an email sent with a generic one by 26%. The most efficient way to begin personalizing your email marketing efforts is to create segments based on your audience’s interests, needs, and buying patterns. After you’ve broken down your prospects and customers into smaller, more precise groups, you can create emails, and subject lines, that speak to their individual wants and needs.

2. Be Playful

School’s out, and the weather is fantastic, so it’s time to have some summer fun! Your customers are out enjoying themselves, and that means your email subject line should reflect the lighthearted mood of the season. Don’t be afraid to get creative and play with your word choices. Take a look at the summer calendar for any holidays or special occasions that would resonate with your target audience and find ways to plug in the summer theme to your messaging. Toss in an emoji or two or call out a video highlighting your employees, colleagues, and current customers or clients having some summer fun to increase open rates.

3. Celebrate the Summer Holidays

With so many reasons to celebrate between Memorial Day and Labor Day, it should be no surprise that summer offers more opportunities. The easiest way to tie your email marketing efforts to summer is to promote a seasonal sale. With a specific holiday in mind, it’s crucial to craft an exciting subject line that encourages customers to open the email immediately. In addition, to increased spending patterns, the summer holidays present excellent opportunities for wordplay and other gimmicks for effective subject lines.

4. Create a Calendar of Summer Events

Summer is the perfect time to create special offers and events. Many of your prospects and customers will have more free time on their hands, so many of them are also more eager to make purchases. Your audience will look forward to your emails when they know they’re getting more than just a promotion. When you create an email campaign to promote a once-a-year occasion, you’re giving your customers something to get excited about. These can range from local fireworks to networking events around town. Create a subject line that not only captures interest, but also compels your audience to open your message to learn more.

General Summer Email Subject Lines That Convert

While the days get longer and the weather gets warmer don’t forget that your email subject lines could benefit from a little summer lovin’ too. The variety of words, images, and general moods you can use for your summer email campaigns are limitless. But we know how hard it is to come up with something that’s both interesting enough to grab your target audience’s attention while staying true to the brand.

Some general themes you can choose from when it comes to the summer season are the beach or lake, barbecuing, traveling, home and garden improvements, and the great outdoors. You can start your general summer email subject lines at the end of May or as soon as the weather approaches summer-like temperatures. Don’t forget to keep things short and sweet. Most of the top-performing emails include subject lines that get right to the point. In additions to things like emojis and the word video, emails with exclamation points in the subject lines have yielded better open rates as well.

We’d hate to see all the hard work and energy you’ve put into your email marketing campaigns go to waste. Contact the Revelation Creative™ team today to find out how we can help you optimize your summer marketing emails to keep your open rates up and your business growing all summer long!