Marketing Still Matters: 3 Ways to Continue Connecting With Your Audience Right Now

Given the current pandemic and the challenges of life during social distancing, you might be tempted to hit “pause” on marketing for your business.

But the truth is that it makes more sense to continue your marketing efforts so that you’re in a better place once we return to normalcy.

While highlighting your brand, products and services right now may feel tough, both the CDC and the team at Revelation Creative™ can help.

We’re sharing 3 ways you can continue marketing with sensitivity and impact during this challenging time.

Create Marketing Messages With Empathy and Heart


During a crisis or national challenge, it all comes down to messaging.

As a business, you want to be sure your messaging is sensitive to the struggles your customers are going through. You also want to infuse your marketing messages with enthusiasm, optimism, and hope for the future.

Keep in mind how your marketing messages will make audience feel, and try to lif their spirits. This way you’ll be remembered as a source of inspiration and amazing energy.

Show Your Support for the Community and Focus On Their Enduring Spirit 


Whether your community is local, online or global, showing them your love and support is a great move. 

Here are two compassionate and authentic approaches you can use when marketing in this manner.

First, you can showcase your community’s enduring spirit. This will remind them of their own power and resilience, and they’ll remember who kept them in that persevering mindset when things shift again.

One company that’s doing this well is Lowe’s. Their #BuildThanks encourages customers to make DIY thank-you signs at Home for Front-Line Heroes to see as they head to and from work. (For more inspiration, you can check out this running list of marketing responses to the crisis from some of the biggest brands.)

Second, you can highlight how you and your company are making an impact. Featuring your own community involvement, charitable giving, and compassion in your marketing is part of how you position your company. It will allow you to be seen as a helpful leader in your industry and community.

Continue To Add Value During Times Of Challenge

While you may need to shift and adjust your marketing messages using the last two approaches, there is one thing you won’t need to change much at all: How your marketing adds value to the lives of your customers.

Sharing resources, offering tips and strategies, providing inspiration and letting clients know how you can help solve problems they’re having are some of the hallmarks of amazing marketing messages.

While the exact resources, tips and strategies you offer might vary given the current circumstances, it’s vital to continue to do this work in your marketing.

The truth is that goodwill and service go a long way and people will remember how you responded during the pandemic when we’ve gotten past their current difficulties. .

How you and your organization handles your marketing communications during this time is going to be part of how customers remember your brand, so it’s essential to make sure those messages resonate with your audience and create lasting connections.

Need help crafting your messaging?Let’s connect and see what Revelation Creative™ can do to support you, your team and your customers during this time.