3 Ways Digital Marketing Builds Relationships (Even When You Can’t Meet in Person)

Aug 4, 2020 | Branding, Business Tips, Content Curation, Marketing, Website

There’s no doubt that not being in-person with your clients and customers may shift the way you’re doing business. At Revelation Creative, we believe it should also shift the way you market your products and services.

When we can’t have those in-person interactions, relationships actually become more important than ever. That means your digital marketing, the best way to create and foster those relationships, needs to be up to the challenge.

So, we’re sharing 3 ways to enhance your key digital marketing strategy pieces to build relationships regardless of distance.

Streamline How Your Clients and Customers Interact With Your Brand

When exploring the impact of the pandemic on B2B companies, you’ll find that there is so much value in the human, personal connection, even if it’s experienced across the internet. Delivering on promises and providing personal service for those using your site and other digital marketing resources will become the hallmark of your brand if you get it right.

And the same is true for B2C Companies: The need for accuracy in describing and delivering products and services and the ability to find and buy them online with ease are consumer priorities that are here to stay. 

So, what does this mean for your business’ digital marketing strategy? It means a stunning website that’s personal and simple to use will be your best first step to great customer and client relationships.

Whether it’s a webinar recording to share product experiences or a chat option to get help faster, adding personal touches that serve a function (to make the process of working with you easier) are a great way to create lasting relationships.

When you’re building your site, take this time to focus on your key connection channels. Consider how people find your site and where on the site they land when they do. This can help you focus your messaging on what’s most important to your customers or clients, especially right now.

And that care and ease-of-use can become the way clients and customers remember you and your business.

Keep Serving Up High-Quality Content 

How do you serve both prospective customers and clients and those you’ve already helped?

Digital marketing is all about creating and maintaining those key relationships. One way to make that happen is to continue to provide everyone, at every point in their journey with your company, a chance to feel connected to your brand.

Maybe it’s a resource library for current clients or an ongoing blog that provides free value to prospective customers. Consider how you can keep informing, educating, and connecting as you foster relationships.

Providing high-quality information keeps you top of mind when someone is looking for what you have to offer.

Keep People in the Loop (And Make It Personal)

One point of connection is great. But a weekly point of connection, a daily opportunity to nurture a relationship? That can’t be missed when it comes to your digital marketing. So, how do you keep everyone in the loop while still making things feel personal?

Consider stepping up your social media efforts. Posting regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and elsewhere gives you the best opportunity to connect with new, current, and past clients and customers.

Another way to make that happen is to get serious about your email marketing. It’s one of the best, most strategic, and most cost-effective ways to create personal, purposeful connections that last.

And when you’re creating a connection between your website, your social posts, your content marketing, and your email connections, you’ve just created an ecosystem of relationship building that ensures you continue to foster the right connections with your ideal clients.

Let’s Talk!

We hope we’ve given you some solid ideas to run with as you continue to create amazing connections with your clients.

If your brainstorming has you feeling motivated and ready to take action, we’d love to help you make that happen.
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