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How to Leverage Awards to Build Your Brand Credibility

Nov 29, 2022 | Convention Season, Marketing, Networking, Small Business Development

As passionate marketing consultants for our clients’ brands, our Revelation Creative team is always excited to find ways to help you grow.  

Earlier this year, we explored how awards and recognitions can build your brand’s credibility and how those efforts can help you reach your biggest goals in the process. And today we’re sharing three ways to leverage the accolades you receive so that you can foster client trust, brand loyalty, and a truly flourishing business.

Share Them with Your Current Clients to Enhance Brand Loyalty

One way to make sure your awards are working hard for you is to share them with your current clients. Those who have already worked with you or purchased your products are sure to be happy to know that they made the right choice. 

Retaining consultants/services or purchasing products from an award-winning company can also enhance brand loyalty because it reinforces to the current or past client that you continue to offer the best product out there or the best service results available.

Building brand loyalty in this way offers concrete evidence of your success. It allows clients and customers to rely on more than just their personal experience with your company when they consider their next purchase.

And, they may even be excited enough to share your success with others when they recommend you!

Share Your Wins with Prospective Clients to Create a Sense of Trust

When it comes to leveraging your accolades to grow your business, the target audience you’ll want to focus on is your prospective clients. Converting potential leads into raving fans begins with fostering trust from the outset of your relationship. Merit-based awards show that your efforts have provided noteworthy results.

Whether you share your awards as icons on your website, in social posts, print mailers, or a combination of engagement channels, the goal is to ensure that possible new clients know about them. 

Communicating these types of achievements helps to build a sense of trust and differentiates your services or products from those of your competition. And this may mean that your awards or accolades become the reason, in a saturated marketplace, that a customer chooses your product or service over another. The result: growth, recognition, and a bigger bottom line.

Share with New Audiences Using Multichannel Marketing 

Multichannel marketing is an amazing way to share your awards and recognitions with a multitude of different audiences including those you may not have reached out to before. From podcasts and print advertising to social media and emails, the possibilities are endless when it comes to how you can leverage your achievements to build trust, loyalty, and your bottom line. Reaching new audiences to build trust by sharing accolades is a great place to start.

It bears mentioning, of course, that the key to any successful multichannel campaign is a thoughtful, strategic marketing plan. So, partnering with an organization like Revelation Creative that can help you design and execute such a plan may be the most effective way to get started.

Speaking of Awards…

Last year, Revelation Creative’s President, Gina Marie Mattei was honored at the MARSum Convention, an annual event full of phenomenal speakers, memorable community experiences, and extraordinarily powerful educational sessions for marketing professionals.  Gina was honored at the event as one of 2021’s Top 100 Marketing and Advertising Leaders

And this year, Revelation Creative is proud to announce that our agency has won an accolade for our work. We’ve been honored as an Outstanding Organization for 2022 in recognition of our contributions to the field of marketing and advertising. We will accept the award at the Marketing 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas this December!

Let’s Share Your Awards as Part of Your Brand-Building Strategy

Are you wondering how to get started with researching, attaining, or sharing your achievements with your audience? 

Wondering how to leverage your awards as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy?

Our Revelation Creative team can help you share your awards with all the right audiences in ways that help you earn the respect of your peers and prospects, grow your business, and improve brand recognition. 

We’d love to help you get started or enhance your current marketing efforts!

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