7 Ways a Marketing Agency Makes Growing Your Business Easier and Faster

Hit a plateau with the growth you’ve been able to achieve with your business? 

Chances are, you’ve debated bringing on staff internally to support your marketing and business development endeavors. But for a simple, scalable solution that allows you to grow faster and easier to reach that next level of success, there’s an important alternative to evaluate. Have you ever considered working with a marketing agency or consultancy?

If you’re serious about making your business’s presence known, you probably have.

But with so many options from online business managers to social media managers and even individual consultants and gurus, you might be hesitant to take the next step.

And that’s totally understandable.

There are a myriad of benefits from working with an agency or consultancy that are worth considering. From taking the guesswork out of solid marketing strategies to tracking your progress and pivoting in the direction of your greatest chance for growth, we know what it takes to help you reach your goals.

So, today we’re sharing the many ways your business can benefit from insight and know-how just like ours.

 #1: Working With a Marketing Consultancy or Agency Can Save You Time 

When you partner with an agency or consultancy to handle your marketing, they can take much of the actual marketing off your plate. Delegating can be its own challenge, but the pay off is immense in terms of getting your (and your team’s) time back.

Imagine a dedicated team handling everything from your email marketing and content planning to your search engine optimization and strategy development. 

And because they’re handling the project management and keeping their efforts aligned with your goals, you can breathe easier each day.

The only question remains: What would you do with the time you get back once you bring on that agency or consultancy?

#2: Agencies Have Connections to the Marketing Experts You Need

Agencies and consultancies are often an all-in-one solution for those who want to grow their business marketing.

They can connect you with their in-house or external contacts who specialize in the things you need to get projects done.

Whether you need a designer, copywriter, and SEO specialist to launch your content marketing campaign, or you’re looking to grow your social media presence, your agency partner can streamline your workflows so all of these professionals collaborate seamlessly.  This can also help you to see your marketing efforts from a variety of perspectives and gives you access to a bevy of marketing tools that cost thousands of dollars each when purchased on their own.

Simply put, agencies help you to scale your marketing efforts without developing your own in-house marketing team or working separately with dozens of vendors at a time.

The daunting employee interview process, extending benefits packages, and the risk of turnover and the costs associated with hiring to expand your internal team to build out your marketing bench are now time and dollar expenses taken off the table when selecting an agency partner. 

Whether you’re interested in print, digital, or experiential marketing, the right team can connect you with the resources to help you grow.

#3: They’ll Develop and Implement More Consistent Branding 

Agencies and consultancies combine strategy, implementation, and refinement processes into a streamlined workflow that keeps your branding and brand messaging consistent across all platforms.

While this is possible to do on your own, as you grow the volume of different marketing tools and platforms you utilize as you grow, it becomes increasingly more difficult to manage.

When you work with an agency, you not only save time, but you save effort as well.

Your agency partner will work with you to develop assets like brand style guides, content style guides, content creation workflows, brand identity documents, and target audience data. And they’ll put your messaging and visual branding on the same page for you.

The result?

Marketing that’s: 

  • On brand
  • On message
  • On track with your growth goals

A confused mind doesn’t buy. But, with a solid marketing agency partner, you’ll deliver clarity and consistency everywhere you go – converting interested prospects into satisfied customers. 

#4: They’ll Take Your SEO to the Next Level

As online competition continues to grow, optimizing your content and website for SEO is more vital than ever.

The right agency partner will help you strategically create new content, refresh high-performing older content, and refine content that’s in serious need of a refresh. They can also help you optimize your front and backend website performance when it comes to showing up in searches.

And these professionals can also work collaboratively with copywriters and designers to ensure everything flows together beautifully – giving all who traffic your site a clear understanding of the products and services you offer and WHY they should buy from you as opposed to your competitors. 

#5: They’ll Help You Develop and Refine Your Marketing Strategy 

The right strategy can make all the difference. And sometimes, while you know your business inside and out, marketing might be an area where you could use some professional guidance.

And that’s just what you’ll get when you work with a marketing consulting team.

Whether you already have a winning strategy that you want to enhance even further, or are a bit stuck in the trial-and-error phase, it’s a great time to consider how a marketing agency can help.

Marketing strategy is an art and a science that combines an understanding of buying behavior, client interaction, visuals, written communication, and more. And a personalized strategy, developed with your offers, clients, and goals in mind, is essential to establishing, growing, and scaling consistently.

So, if you are looking for more clarity and consistency in your marketing strategy, connecting with an agency partner would be a great step in that direction.

#6: You’ll Strategically Choose Your Marketing Channels to Align with Your Goals

Just as your marketing agency partner can also help you develop a marketing strategy that makes sense for where you are now and where you hope to be, they can then help you take decisive action on that strategy. 

Whether you want to step into thought leadership with speaking engagements or podcasting, or you’re ready to write a riveting blog and share insight on social media, the right consulting partner will help you look at your options and make the best decisions for your business.

And once you select your marketing channels, you’ll continue to work with your agency partner to take thoughtful action and implement a strategy that makes sense for you.

 #7: Agencies Help You Measure Outcomes and Make Data-Driven Decisions

From experimental marketing to paid media, email marketing to website revitalization, you have so many potential directions as a business owner.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your focus narrowed to only those things that will enhance your impact and grow your bottom line?

That’s the power of working with an agency partner.

One of the most valuable benefits of working with a marketing agency or marketing consultancy is that your strategic partnership is ongoing. You’ll execute projects, review outcomes and data, and make decisions about your next moves based on those results.

No more finger-crossing guesswork or constantly shifting wording on a sales page on gut feelings. You’ll work with your partner to assess what’s working, what’s not, and how to make impactful changes that bring you closer to your goals over time.

Plus, when you work with an agency like Revelation Creative, you’ll have a team on your side that’s truly invested in your growth and loves to see you win. Because we’re business owners too and we understand the challenges you face.  And most of all, your work matters to us.

So from curating your brand identity to enhancing your online visibility, we’re here to help you make your presence known.

Invest in the Future of Your Business

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